Craft Beer’s Purchasing Alliance

Get the Purchasing Power of a 1.8 Million-Barrel Brewery

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Why Not Save Money on the Stuff You Buy Everyday?

As a brewery owner, you know that running a successful business takes a lot of time and resources. Reviewing every purchasing decision can feel overwhelming and leave you wondering if you’re overspending. That’s where our pre-negotiated savings programs come in. Our programs provide brewery members with exclusive discounts from leading industry suppliers on the products and supplies they’re already buying, saving them money, time and giving them the confidence they’re getting a good deal.

How It Works
We leverage the combined buying power of our over 400 brewers to negotiate long-term savings programs with suppliers on the things breweries buy everyday. Both materials and operational expenses. Savings programs currently include cans, lids, chemicals, labels, hops, hose, jockey boxes, brewing and canning equipment, all kinds of packaging and POP, branded glassware, apparel, kegs, cartons, freight, office supplies, yeasts, enzymes and additives, POS and ERP software, insurance, consulting services, payroll processing and much more.

Our staff does the negotiating. Brewers participate only in the savings programs that are right for their brewery. And perhaps best of all, brewers can participate in most of our savings programs for FREE – no dues required. Learn more here.

The IBA is currently accepting applications from qualified craft brewers.  If you want to learn more, including how much your brewery could save, or apply for membership, contact Laurie at or fill out our easy, no-obligation member application.

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