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The Power of a Cooperative – Survival of the Fittest

Craft beer is at a turning point. It’s now a mature, competitive industry. Brewers face cost and supply issues. Sales are flat to declining. Startups enter and other beverage types steal share. And the big, dominant players do their best to make it harder.

In fact, its exactly the kind of industry cooperatives are built for. The combined production of our 490+ Member-Brewers is now over 2-million barrels. This gives the IBA unprecedented buying power that attracts many of the industries biggest and best supplier-partners allowing the IBA to offer members deep savings on all kinds of materials and services. The end result? We do all the hard work of finding, vetting and negotiating with suppliers – saving Members time as well as money.  And we give them a competitive advantage that helps them survive and thrive vs. their non-co-op competitors. So, face the future with a strong cooperative at your back. It may be the smartest move you can make right now. And you can join for free.

To get any questions answered, contact Laurie, Director of Recruitment and a former brewer at . There are also two ways to join. Learn more here and If you’re interested in joining, the IBA is currently accepting applications from qualified craft brewers. Fill out our easy, no-obligation member application.





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