Why a Craft Beer Alliance?

Why A Purchasing Alliance in The Craft Beer Industry

A cooperative (also known as a co-op) is an autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled business. A purchasing cooperative is a type of cooperative, often made up of businesses, who have agreed to aggregate demand to get lower prices from selected suppliers.

How Cooperatives Help Businesses Stay Strong

Independent entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of the American economy. The cooperative model is a proven way to help independent businesses stay strong and independent. In fact, there are over 29,000 cooperatives currently operating in the United States with over 350,000 members. That’s because the co-op model works. It has been proven many times in many other industries. Its power is often greatest in industries faced with increased competition and consolidation – like craft beer. 


Why Join the IBA Now?

The days of double digit growth in craft beer are long gone and now, in 2023, the BA’s forecast is for flat to slightly declining industry sales amid a still increasing number of breweries fighting for their share of the business. The official count is now 9,456 – up from 9,119 a year ago. The mass market breweries seem to be pulling out of the craft space too.

In summary, the pundits say the industry has shifted from its growth stage to one of consolidation where breweries focus on banding together and/or trying to improve their operations to reduce waste and costs.  What can you do to stay stay strong and competitive without sacrificing your independence? Well, you can’t just count on making great beer anymore. You have to have a great business plan too. And part of that plan could be – should be – joining the IBA. Probably the fastest way to reduce your COG and save on all kinds of expenses across your business. 

And guess what? There are two ways to join the IBA. As a dues paying member with full benefits. Or for free – no dues at all. And there’s no catch. Learn more here.

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