Who Can Join?

Who Can Join?buildBusiness

The Independent Brewers Alliance is looking for independent craft brewers who are industry leaders and innovators – committed to ethical business behavior, value long-term relationships and willing to work collaboratively with their fellow brewers for the benefit of the group.

Brewers must also meet the BA’s definition of an independent craft brewer. This means brewers whose annual production is less than 6 million barrels, who are less than 25% owned or controlled by an alcoholic beverage industry member that is not a craft brewer, and producing mostly beers whose flavor derives from the fermentation of traditional or innovative ingredients.

Membership Requirements

1. Brewers must have produced a minimum of 1,000 barrels in the prior calendar year.
2. All members, upon joining, will pay $1,000 to purchase one share of voting stock in the IBA. Should you ever leave the alliance, your share will be returned to the IBA. You will get a full refund of the purchase price.
3. All members will pay annual membership dues of $2,500 plus $.05 per barrel produced in the prior calendar year. Dues are used to fund IBA program development. Most members can recoup their membership costs by participating in as few as one savings program. We can also help you figure out just how much you can save before you join
4. All members will also need to sign a membership agreement outlining the rules that govern the alliance, its structure and organization, how it operates, and the rights and responsibilities of its members as laid-out in the alliance’s by-laws.

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