Your Competitive Edge

In an Increasingly Competitive Landscape



Our Mission

According to the BA, 997 new breweries opened in 2017 bringing the total number of U.S. breweries to over 6,300. In 2017 165 breweries also went out of business, more than twice the number in 2016. The lesson is simple. In this increasingly competitive industry, you can’t just count on brewing great beer anymore. You need a smart business plan. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to give craft brewers a competitive edge by leveraging the buying power of the group to save money on raw materials and operational expenses – all while allowing members to maintain complete independence. And our movement is growing. We have 30 brewer-members representing over 600,000 barrels of buying power, and the IBA is on track to save the group hundreds of thousands of dollars on materials and operational expenses.

What Do Members Say?

 Dan Barrett, Controller, Upland Brewing – 15,000 Barrels
“We’ve seen flat to declining sales and margins, coupled with increasing costs for labor, raw materials and packaging. That’s where the IBA comes in. It’s negotiated better pricing for us in a number of areas – pricing we could never have gotten on our own. These savings pay the cost of our membership many times over, and things are only going to get better as programs are added and more brewers join! This is a great time to get on board.”

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