460,000 Barrels of Buying Power and Counting


Our Mission

The mission of the Independent Brewers Alliance is to help craft brewers work together to stay strong and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape – all while maintaining complete independence. So we’ve built a member-owned alliance of strong brewers who can leverage the resources and buying power of the group to save money on raw materials and operational expenses. And its working. After just one year, we have 26 brewer-members representing over 460,000 barrels of buying power, and the IBA is on track to save the group hundreds of thousands of dollars on materials and operational expenses.

To learn more about the alliance, what its like to be a member, who can join and how it can save you thousands right out of the gate, browse this site. If you’re ready to apply for membership, fill-out a no-obligation membership application. If you have questions, please contact us.

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