Save on Propane with Ferrellgas

Savings on Propane and Related Services

Cylinder Program
Cylinder Exchange: We provide the right amount of full cylinders
On-Site Fill: Our bulk trucks arrive on site to fill your cylinders
Members only pay for the number of cylinders or metered gallons used

Bulk Tank Program
Custom Tank Installation, plus obtaining state and local permits
Flexible Refilling: An on-site bulk tank = your own convenient filling station
Schedule Deliveries: We monitor consumption to ensure timely deliveries

Additional IBA Member Benefits Include:
Monthly pricing and pricing communications
Dedicated National Sales Manager and Account Coordinator(s)
Standardized equipment and safety training programs
Electronic payment & centralized billing options

For more information on this or any other savings program offered by Savings4Members to IBA members, just click here and follow the instructions.

Disclaimers: Service not available in all areas. Site inspection may be required. Existing Ferrellgas customers will save 10%. For new customers pricing is based on the the local wholesale cost of propane (based on zip code) plus their supplier’s margin.The supplier’s margin has been pre-negotiated based on the volume of all members.

6-Pack Carrier, 4-Pack Carrier & Can Wrap Program

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